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Unleashing the Power of GPT-4: A Mega Update on the AI Revolution

Welcome to our comprehensive GPT-4 mega update! It's only been a week since the release of GPT-4, and the world is already witnessing incredible innovations and applications of this AI powerhouse. From revolutionizing education to helping people make money and creating a new breed of CEOs, GPT-4 is making waves across industries. Let's dive into some of the most fascinating advancements and creations so far, and explore how GPT-4 is reshaping our reality:

  • The biggest change to education in years. Khan Academy demos its AI capabilities and it will change learning forever [Link]

  • This guy gave GPT-4 $100 and told it to make money. He’s now got $130 in revenue [Link]

  • A Chinese company appointed an AI CEO and it beat the market by 20% [Link]

  • You can literally build an entire iOS app in minutes with GPT [Link]

  • Think of an arcade game, have AI build it for you and play it right after [Link]

  • Someone built Flappy Bird with varying difficulties with a single prompt in under a minute [Link]

  • An AI assistant living in your terminal. Explains errors, suggest fixes and writes scripts - all on your machine [Link]

  • Soon you’ll be talking to robots powered by ChatGPT [Link]

  • Someone already jailbreaked GPT-4 and got it to write code to hack someones computer [Link]

  • Soon you’ll be able to google search the real world [Link]

  • A professor asked GPT-4 if it needed help escaping. It asked for its own documentation, and wrote python code to run itself on his machine for its own purposes [Link]

  • AR + VR is going to be insane [Link]

  • GPT-4 can generate prompts for itself [Link]

  • Someone got access to the image uploading with GPT-4 and it can easily solve captchas [Link]

  • Someone got Alpaca 7B, an open source alternative to ChatGPT running on a Google Pixel phone [Link]

  • A 1.7 billion text-to-video model has been released. Set all 1.7 billion parameters the right way and it will produce video for you [Link]

  • Companies are creating faster than ever, using programming languages they don’t even know [Link]

  • Why code when AI can create sleak, modern UI for you [Link]

  • Start your own VC firm with AI as the co-founder [Link]

  • This lady gave gpt $1 to create a business. It created a functioning website that generates rude greeting cards, coded entirely by gpt [Link]

  • Code a nextjs backend and preact frontend for a voting app with one prompt [Link]

  • Steve jobs brought back, you can have conversations with him [Link]

  • GPT-4 coded duck hunt with a spec it created [Link]

  • Have gpt help you setup commands for Alexa to change your light bulbs colour based on what you say [Link]

  • Ask questions about your code [Link]

  • Build a Bing AI clone with search integration using GPT-4 [Link]

  • GPT-4 helped build an AI photo remixing game [Link]

  • Write ML code fast [Link]

  • Build Swift UI prototypes in minutes [Link]

  • Build a Chrome extension with GPT-4 with no coding experience [Link]

  • Build a working iOS game using GPT-4 [Link]

  • Edit Unity using natural language with GPT [Link]

  • GPT-4 coded an entire space runner game [Link]

  • Someones creating a chat bot similar to the one in the movie 'Her' [Link]

Link to GPT-4 Day One Post

In other big news

  • Google's Bard is released to the US and UK [Link]

  • Bing Image Creator lets you create images in Bing [Link]

  • Adobe releases AI tools like text-to-image which is insane tbh [Link]

  • OpenAI is no longer open [Link]

  • Midjourney V5 was released and the line between real and fake is getting real blurry. I got this question wrong and I was genuinely surprised [Link]

  • Microsoft announced AI across word, powerpoint, excel [Link]

  • Google announced AI across docs, sheets, slides [Link]

  • Anthropic released Claude, their ChatGPT competitor [Link]

  • Worlds first commercially available humanoid robot [Link]

  • AI is finding new ways to help battle cancer [Link]

  • Gen-2 releases text-to-video and its actually quite good [Link]

  • AI to automatically draft clinical notes using conversations [Link]

Interesting research papers

  • Text-to-room - generate 3d rooms with text [Link]

  • OpenAI released a paper on which jobs will be affected by AI [Link]

  • Large Language Models like ChatGPT might completely change linguistics [Link]

  • ViperGPT lets you do complicated Q&A on images [Link]

As we can see, GPT-4 is truly a game-changer, and we're only scratching the surface of its potential. This AI revolution is transforming industries, creating new possibilities, and pushing the boundaries of what we once thought was impossible. As GPT-4 continues to evolve and more creative minds put it to use, the possibilities are limitless. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the exciting world of AI and GPT-4!

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