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Transform your network and modernize your security

Traditional network architecture was built with the concept of a perimeter network where once someone was on the network, there was an implicit level of trust. The shift toward cloud hosting, remote work and other modernization has created challenges with a traditional perimeter network architecture.

These challenges can be addressed by implementing a Zero Trust Architecture, which ensures that all traffic in and out of a business is verified and authorized. Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture can be done in steps without disrupting employee productivity and connectivity.

This roadmap was built by security experts to provide a vendor agnostic Zero Trust architecture and example implementation timeline. The timeline assumes that an organization is beginning their Zero Trust journey from scratch, but is meant to be useful for all organizations.

There are seven major components to organizational security that need to be considered when it comes to implementing a comprehensive Zero Trust Architecture. Your implementation order does not need to match how they are listed in the component and reference architecture sections below.

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