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Microsoft Phone Link app adds iMessage support for Windows users

Microsoft's Phone Link app can now be used by iPhone users to send and receive messages on Windows laptops or PCs. The app supports iOS devices and will let iPhone users send and receive messages through iMessage, make and receive calls, and view their phone's notifications inside Windows 11. The app uses Bluetooth to link Windows devices to iPhones and passes commands and messages to users' iMessage app. However, users won't be able to send photos or participate in group messages, and the full message history in conversations won't be displayed. This Phone Link integration for iOS is basic compared to Android but is still a step forward for iPhone users as Microsoft has never supported messaging or calls for iPhone users before. The preview of the updated app will be available for Windows Insiders today.

The app is available for download on Microsoft's website at the following link:

Microsoft Phone Link Logo
Microsoft Phone Link

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