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Malware-Laced Fake ChatGPT Chrome Extension Hijacks Facebook Accounts for Malicious Advertising

A fake ChatGPT Chrome browser extension has been found to be capable of hijacking Facebook accounts and creating rogue admin accounts to spread malware through malicious paid media. The Quick Access to Chat GPT extension has been downloaded by 2,000 users per day since March 3, 2023. Promoted through Facebook-sponsored posts, the extension is engineered to harvest cookies and Facebook account data using an already active, authenticated session. Two bogus Facebook applications – portal and msg_kig – are used to maintain backdoor access and obtain full control of the target profiles. Hijacked Facebook business accounts are then used to advertise the malware, expanding its army of Facebook bots.

Google has since pulled the extension from the Chrome Web Store, as of March 9, 2023. This development comes as cybercriminals capitalize on the popularity of OpenAI's ChatGPT to create fake versions of the AI chatbot to trick unsuspecting users into installing them. In recent months, social engineering campaigns have also used unofficial ChatGPT social media pages to direct users to malicious domains that download information stealers like RedLine, Lumma, and Aurora. Fake ChatGPT apps have also been distributed through the Google Play Store and other third-party Android app stores to push SpyNote malware onto people's devices. Bitdefender has revealed that fraudsters are also using ChatGPT to conduct highly sophisticated investment scams.

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ChatGPT Hack FlowChart

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