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Amazon Ring Targeted in Ransomware Attack by ALPHV Group

The popular security camera company owned by Amazon, Ring, has been targeted in a cyber attack by a ransomware group known as ALPHV, which reportedly used the BlackCat malware. The group has claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened to leak data from the company. However, Ring has denied any evidence of its systems being compromised, instead stating that a third-party vendor was infected with ransomware.

ALPHV has a "leak site" where stolen data is selectively released, and the group has stated that Ring has an option to let them leak its data. Despite this, no customer data has been affected, and it is unclear whether the hackers were able to access any users' data. Ring has faced controversy in the past for its privacy and security practices, which have failed to live up to its claims of prioritizing customer security and privacy.

However, most Ring doorbells and security cameras are compatible with E2EE encryption, preventing government entities, hackers, and Amazon access to uploaded footage. Ring has not yet provided any guidance to its users on how to deal with the situation, and it is not uncommon for companies to initially deny that a hack has compromised customer data.

Ring Camera
Ring Camera

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